mizunohi (mizunohi) wrote,

Sales Post!

I accept payment through paypal, concealed cash (CAD) or money order. Money orders and concealed cash are at buyers risk only!

Items will be shipped within 1-4 days of the confirmed sale (after payment is recieved!) Posters are shipped in mailing tubes which are around $5 each. If you buy more, shipping will be reduced. All items are shipped in regular airmail unless  buyer specifies otherwise.
All items shipped from Vancouver, Canada.

If you have any questions, please ask!

CD's: in very good condition, some cosmetic scratches (too small for my camera to pick up, sorry)

Beginners Japanese CD set (no book or case included)


DNAngel OST: (OBI included)


Posters (laminated and in very good condition, $3)

Shonen JUMP Magazines: (Only read once or twice)
These are in good or very good conditon, small rip on May 2006's cover, but no other noticable damages.

$2 each, $30 for all 

Books (mint condition unless specified otherwise)

Fullmetal Alchemist Anime Profiles


Fullmetal Alchemist Book Volume.1
(Some goo from the price sticker, not sticky)


Japanese Travel Phrasebook (for Japanese learning English)



Happy Bunny 2007 Calendar: (small tear in one page)


Naruto Poster: (I put this poster in "other" since it is not laminated; it is printed on thick texturized paper and slightly worn around the edges. It is also larger than the other posters.)


Thank you!

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